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2012 Chevy Spark Cruise Control Install 250-9618 250-9619

When you want to install cruise control in your 2012 Chevy Spark, purchasing a complete kit from The Cruise Control Store is a great first step. Our aftermarket cruise control kit for the 2012 Chevy Spark, the 250-9618, provides you with all of the equipment required for a successful installation, and it’s a relatively quick process. If you do it yourself, you’ll have help from an instructional video as well as from our professional technicians, who are on hand to answer any questions or concerns you may have.

How to Install

When you’re ready to install the 250-9618 in your car, simply gather the supplies and any tools you need, plus the included instructions for the kit. You can also watch our helpful video of installation instructions, which will show you what you need to do for a successful installation. It’s an easier process than you might think, and if you need any help, our professional technicians are on hand to answer questions.

Cruise Control Kit Installation Instructions:

  1. You’ll want to look at the cruise control switch that’s mounted and installed on the plastic shroud that surrounds the steering column.
  2. From there, the connections are: red ignition power goes to the purple and green wire.
  3. Solder the black wire to the white wire in the OBD2 connector, and the red wire to the light blue wire –that’s pin 6 and 14.
  4. Disconnect the t-harness that goes to the accelerator pedal, then plug in the t-harness connection from the kit into the accelerator pedal, and then plug the original connector into the kit’s t-harness.
  5. Then, pin the two connectors that go up to the cruise control switch, and insert them into the black and white connector, respectively.

At The Cruise Control Store, we’ve been offering cruise control kits for a wide range of makes and models for more than 25 years, and our ultimate goal is customer satisfaction. To learn more about which kit is best for your 2012 Chevy Spark or any other vehicle, contact us any time.