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Learn How to Install a Cruise Control Kit on a 2012 Ford Focus SE

If you’re tired of driving a car that doesn’t have cruise control, it’s time to take control of the wheel and add that feature. At The Cruise Control Store, we offer complete aftermarket cruise control kits for the 2012 Ford Focus SE as well as many other makes and models. For this particular model, we offer the 250-9612 kit, and we provide not only complete, detailed instructions on how to install it, but also instructional videos and access to our professional technicians, who can answer any questions you might have during the process. Our goal is not only to supply cruise control kits for anyone who wants them, but also ensure total customer satisfaction. When you shop with us, you can trust you’re getting a great product and reliable help.

The Installation Process

Installing the 250-9612 is a quick and easy procedure. With each of our kits, we include everything required for a quick installation. Beyond the actual parts and equipment, you’ll receive detailed instructions and an instructional video that helps you visualize what to do to install the kit. Should you encounter any problems during installation, our professional technicians are available to help answer any questions you might have.

Instructions for Installing the 250-9612

  1. Mount the cruise control switch on the plastic shroud that surrounds the steering column.
  2. Remove the bottom half of the shroud, and drill a small, 3/8” hole in it.
  3. Disconnect the original equipment plug to the accelerator position sensor, plug the Cruise Control Store sensor in, and plug that into the harness.
  4. Locate the ignition connection—it’s a brown wire with a yellow stripe. Put the red wire from the kit in there.
  5. Next, connect the chassis ground—there’s an 8mm bolt behind the steel panel behind the driver’s dash that is an exceptional chassis ground.
  6. Pop out the original connector in the OBD2 port and plug the one from the kit into it.
  7. Next, put all of the wires directly into the cruise control module.
  8. Tie up the wiring harness underneath the driver’s dash, away from anything that moves.

At The Cruise Control Store, you’ll get everything you need to install cruise control into your 2012 Ford Focus SE, and then some. Our goal is to ensure total customer satisfaction, and we do so by offering top quality products as well as comprehensive customer service, including access to our professional technicians. Contact us anytime to learn more about our complete aftermarket cruise control kits.