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250-1223 Universal Cruise Kit

Q: Is the 250-1223 cruise servo applicable to motorcycles?

A: At we do not support technical assistance for these applications. There are forums online that outline their custom installations, but any questions not related to the specific operation of the 250-1223 in passenger vehicles or light duty trucks, will not be fielded.

Q: Can the 250-1223 cruise be mounted directly on the car/Truck engine?

A: No. Due to excessive heat and vibration we do not recommend installing the 250-1223 cruise servo directly to the engine. Please avoid the following locations when mounting the 250-1223;

1) On the underside of the car/truck where it is exposed to water/dirt directly
2) Directly to the engine where excessive heat and vibration can significantly shorten the life of the cruise control.
3) In very close proximity to the vehicles Ignition coil or alternator
4) Any position that will hinder your mechanic from performing scheduled maintenance.

Q: Can I install the 250-1223 inside my car/truck to avoid running wire from the engine compartment?

A: Yes. Although while reacting to normal road conditions (head winds, inclines and declines) the servo is constantly working to maintain the preset speed. When doing this there is a fair amount of “chatter” coming from the unit. With newer vehicles and their quiet interior, this could get annoying.

Q: Can I shorten the 250-1223 cruise cable if it is too long?

A: Under no circumstances should we alter the length of the cruise control cable to make it shorter. If the cruise control cable is too long, it can be looped provided that the loop has a diameter that is larger than 6”.

Q: Is connecting the Blue Tach wire or Light Green Neutral Safety wire (NSS) required for my cruise control to work properly?

A: The 250-1223 will operate without either of these inputs. If you decide against interfacing into the vehicles tach circuit we recommend installing the 250-4206 clutch disengagement switch on manual transmission models. For automatic applications, the NSS wiring is not listed in the universal installation guide. If you need help with this circuit please call 1-800-343-1382 and we can see if your vehicle has a NSS circuit that can be interfaced into.

Q: My car/truck has a speedometer cable and no electronic speed signal output to connect to. Will the 250-1223 work for me?

A: Yes. offers options for vehicles that do not have an electronic speed signal output.

1) 250-4160 – Use this adapter for vehicles that have a GM transmission and plenty of clearance for our adapter.
2) 250-4153 – Use this adapter for vehicles that have a GM transmission with limited clearance. The 250-4153 comes with a 7” extension speedometer cable to clear any obstructions that may be in the way.
3) 250-4165 – Use this kit on ANY vehicle with an exposed driver shaft or CV shaft by placing magnets that pass in front of a sensor. This is a very efficient way of extracting speed signal for cruise control.