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Speed Limiter


Your company drivers have a lead foot when they're behind the wheel of your vehicles. This can not only result in citations being issued to your drivers but can potentially cause an increase in your insurance premiums, excessive wear and tear on the vehicle, elevated fuel usage and overall cost of vehicle maintenance.


Vehicle speed-limiting modules with pre-programmed maximum driving speeds are now available from The Cruise Control Store. These modules are vehicle-specific and once connected to the throttle control system, they will not allow a driver to accelerate past a specific speed. As well, these modules are tamper-proof and their maximum set speed cannot be altered by the driver in any way once programmed. Such a device can be uniquely useful in the following situations:

  • In the vehicles of first-time drivers
  • On large construction sites
  • In cities with multiple school zones
  • In large vehicle fleets with multiple drivers
  • In parks with low speed limits
  • In rental vehicles

Product Components

Rostra's vehicle speed-limiting systems typically consist of a pre-programmed control module, accelerator pedal interface harness, and OBD-II connector.

Image of Rostra speed limiter components

For Vehicles Equipped with Original Equipment Cruise Control Functionality

Rostra's speed-limiting systems work by blocking communication from the accelerator pedal being controlled by the driver's foot once the set speed limit has been reached. If the vehicle is equipped with an original equipment cruise control system, the steering wheel or control stalk-mounted cruise control buttons can allow a driver to surpass the set speed limit. For this reason, installers MUST also order part number 250-3766 which will disallow cruise control functionality past the set speed limit.