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Add Cruise Control to Your Jeep with a Kit

If you own a Jeep and don’t have cruise control, you may think you’re out of luck until your next car. Thankfully, though, there’s an alternative—installing an aftermarket cruise control kit from The Cruise Control Store. We’re committed to providing our customers with everything they need for installing cruise control in their Jeeps, and that’s why we offer a range of different kits, each with everything required to install the feature in your car.

Complete Kits and Installation Help

For more than 25 years, we at The Cruise Control Store have been dedicated to selling and installing cruise control kits for a variety of different makes. And, because our sales associates are also trained technicians, they can help you with any questions you have during the installation job and walk you through the process. If you’re more comfortable bringing your car to a mechanic for the installation, that’s fine too—we have a list of reputable affiliate shops that we can recommend to you that are in your area.

Our aftermarket Jeep cruise control kits include every component you need to properly install the feature into your car. From column switches to dash switches and everything in between, you’ll be ready to go when you receive your kit.

Available Kits for Jeep

Our goal is to offer all of our customers the cruise control solutions they’re looking for. For that reason, we stock complete cruise control kits for a variety of models, including:

When you purchase a kit from The Cruise Control Store, you’ll be fully prepared to install or have cruise control installed on your Jeep. Find out what you’ve been missing by adding the convenience of cruise control to your vehicle. Learn more about our complete kits by contacting us today to find out what you need to get started.

Browse Cruise Kits by Brand

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