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Learn More About Kia Cruise Control Kits

If you purchased a Kia vehicle recently, and didn’t get a model with cruise control but now want that feature, you may think you’re out of luck. Thankfully, though, you’re not—at the Cruise Control Store, we’ve been providing customers with aftermarket cruise control kits for more than 25 years. We provide everything you need to install the kit on your Kia vehicle, so you can finally enjoy the convenience of having cruise control in your car. Cruise control can be especially beneficial if you take a lot of long drives, so if it’s something you want, know that it’s easier to get than you think!

Complete Kits Plus Information for Installation

The cruise control kits we sell for Kia vehicles contain everything you need to install them, and what’s more, is when you purchase from us, you’ll have access to our technicians—they’re here to help you from start to finish with the installation process if you have any questions. If you’d prefer to get the kit professionally installed, we’re also happy to provide you with a list of local-to-you affiliate shops. No matter how you want the kit installed, we’ll work with you to ensure you can soon enjoy having the convenience of cruise control. We want to make sure all of our customers are happy with their kits, and that’s why we work with each client individually to ensure that they are successful in adding cruise control to their cars. 

Available Kits for Kia Vehicles

Our goal at the Cruise Control Store is to be able to offer anyone who wants cruise control a compatible kit for their vehicle. That’s why we offer a range of kits for different Kia models, including:

When you purchase an aftermarket cruise control kit for your Kia, you’ll receive everything you need to safely install and implement the upgrade on your car. We include everything from cut off column switches to dash pad switches and everything else you need to install.  When you want to change the way you drive, or simply make your car work a bit harder for you, contact the Cruise Control Store. We’ll help you find what you need to properly install an aftermarket cruise control kit on your Kia vehicle.