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250-1771 Pontiac Vibe 2005-2008 Manual Trans. Complete Cruise Kit With OEM Switch

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The 250-1771 is a 100% complete upgrade kit for the 2005-2008 Pontiac Vibe ,manual transmission with no other parts required. Vehicle must have electronic throttle. Most all wheel drive models have a "throttle Cable". If your Pontiac Vibe has a throttle cable, you will need to purchase the 2003-2004 Pontiac Vibe cruise control kit.Very simple installation with very little disassembly required. The instrument cluster will show a "cruise on" indicator when the cruise switch is on, and an "engage" indicator when you are actually cruising. Cutting tool described in installation is not included or required. This kit comes with step-by-step instructions with pictures.


Vibe Installation Instructions


Product Reviews

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  1. Awesome Customer Service/Weak instructions for second part 4 Star Review

    Posted by on 18th Nov 2019

    We had no problem putting in the cruise control lever (YouTube videos are great!) but the wire pieces are very poorly explained. The picture is poor and the written instructions are worthless. So we called the phone number that was on the box of the part. After 2 rings I got right to a person! He helped me figure it all out (a girl who only knows a little about fixing cars). He explained it thoroughly and then gave me another idea that saved me a ton of time. I just skipped the second set of wire pieces part and spliced the blue and red wires that he showed me. Voila! Cruise control!!!

  2. Just The Accessory My Car Needed! 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 9th Nov 2017

    Great people to deal with,fast shipping!Had a question that was answered by the tech line.Overall not a bad installation.

  3. Great Product, Easy To Install If . . . 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 27th Sep 2014

    I have never installed a cruise control before, but the instructions said it was easy, and it would have cost me $300 more if I had someone else do it. And I am fairly handy at mechanical stuff. So I gave it a try. Below I have posted some comments that might help you a bit!

    As directed make SURE to disconnect the battery. They say 90 seconds. I let it sit for 20 minutes. Don't want the air bags going off.

    You remove the lower steering wheel cover with 3 phillips head screws. Piece of cake. Then completely loosen the two torx screws holding the airbag on. Well, this is where I initially got stuck! Those screws won't come out completely! After talking to a tech guy, he suggested that after I loosen both as much as possible, pull the steering wheel middle over enough to insert a small screw driver to turn one of the screws sideways and dislodge it from the airbag assembly - then one side lifts up and then the other - Easy!

    Disconnect your airbag connections by gently prying off with a thin screw driver. Easy.

    Now, take the paper template provided and cut it out. Also cut out the rectangular opening and round opening. Hold in on your steering wheel cover to match the shape and mark out the rectangular opening with a sharpie marker. Then cut 4 1/4" holes, one in each corner, and finish the rectangular hole with a sharp box cutter knife. Disregard all the info about the cutting tool - it is not needed and the tech guy said it costs more than the cruise unit - But for professionals doing this daily, maybe a good thing to have.

    Insert your cruise assembly through your rectangular hole. Then fasten it in with the two provide screws. Tip: Use a little magnet head screw driver to place the screws in place - what I did. Then fasten in place with the correct size torx driver. This driver is smaller than that used for the airbag.

    You will see a dummy plug with a single green wire that is the same size as your cruise plug. Remove this dummy plug and put in your cruise plug. Then hook up your ground wire to replace the green wire that was there.

    Replace your air bag by reconnecting plugs. Remove the two torx screws completely and insert from the outside. No problem. Reattach the lower steering wheel cover with the 3 screws. Almost done! You still need a switch that shut off the cruise when you shift - this is the last step.

    The clutch shut off installs where the existing stop bolt is. Look at where your clutch pedal stops when released and you will see a bolt and nut. Undo the bolt and replace with the bolt that has switch on it. When the little switch button depresses, your cruise operates but when you push the clutch down to switch gears the cruise shuts off, as it should. This bolt and switch connects to another assembly that has two purple wires. You will connect the two purple wires to a blue and red/wh wire that run to an open plug - the plug is stashed away by the clutch return spring - at first I could not find it but it was there. I simply cut off the plug from the blue and red/wh wires and stripped the ends. Then fastened and soldered to the two purple wires with shrink tubes in place over the connections. The alternative is using the provided crimp connections - crimp too hard and you cut the wire and crimp too light and your wire pulls out (and your cruise won't work). So I tossed the crimp ons. Once you solder these connections, your clutch stop bolt switch can plug into your purple wire assembly.

    The instructions, although better than nothing, lacked a bit. But the phone support was great - the guy I talked to was friendly and helpful. And their tech guys are not foreign outsourced - they are regular folks that know the product well, which was refreshing.

    About the cruise itself - it worked great! Instant activation and very responsive.

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