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250-1771 Toyota Corolla / Matrix 2005-2008 Manual Complete Cruise Control Kit

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This is a complete kit for the 2005-2008 Toyota Corolla and Toyota Matrix. Works with manual transmission, with no other parts required. Very simple installation with very little disassembly required. The instrument cluster will show a "cruise on" indicator when the cruise switch is on, and an "engage" indicator when you are actually cruising. This kit comes with step-by-step instructions with pictures. Cutting tool mentioned in instructions is not included in kit. It is not required. Vehicle MUST have electronic throttle. The AWD Matrix will most likely have a throttle cable. If so, you will need the 2003-2004 kit.


Installation Instructions Toyota Corolla / Matrix


4 Reviews

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    Good parts that work great. Instructions could use clarification.

    Posted by Ben on 14th Jul 2022

    The parts (clutch switch, steering column switch, etc.) are OEM quality, look and work great. Kit would have gotten five stars but for the following exceptions: 1) Since the jig/tools for cutting the hole for the switch in the steering shroud are not included, better pics would have been helpful to cut it free-hand. I used a Dremel with a burr bit and it worked great cutting a clean opening in the plastic. My result was very good but I can see how this may be difficult for some without clear photos. 2) The mounting screws for the steering column switch are intended to cut their own threads in the existing holes in the cast steering wheel frame. However, mine stripped out during installation under very little torque. I had some slightly bigger screws on hand that cut perfectly and tightened down snuggly. Just be aware this may be an issue. 3) The clutch disengage switch (per the instructions) is supposed to connect to a red/white and blue wire from an 18-ping connector (IA5). However, there is no mention of where this connector is or how to even trace to it. After considerable research and looking I discovered that Toyota (07' Corolla) had conveniently left a 2-pin connector right next to the clutch pedal with the red/white and blue wires ready to go. The connector on the new clutch switch is a different style and doesn't plug into it but be aware that your vehicle may have this feature and this would have been a helpful note in the instructions. Once installed and wired, the little green Cruise light lit up on the dash and all functions worked great.

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    Quality product, instructions need work

    Posted by James on 27th May 2021

    Good quality parts, included everything I needed minus the tools for cutting the steering wheel shroud. The instructions for wiring the clutch switch were not helpful, and I had to do a bunch of research. After tearing lots of unneeded pieces apart, I finally found out that the connector is under the dash (07 Matrix) back and to the left of the gauge cluster. This would have been helpful to know much earlier, as I was looking for it on the instrument panel J/B (to the left just above the OBD port). This manual was helpful, specifically page 41 as it details the needed connector and location for the Corolla and Matrix. Hopefully this helps, the product is good other than the lack of instructions, and hopefully I cleared that up somehwat.

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    Great quality very sturdy

    Posted by Brady on 15th Aug 2014

    Instructions were clear however the clutch switch part was poorly illustrated. The instruction templates were great. Only problem is the speed it climbs or falls for a single click when accelerating or decelerating is a bit to much, I'd say about 3km/h each tap. 1km/h would have been ideal.

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    Product worked well and fairly straightforward installation

    Posted by Oren on 6th Feb 2014

    Cruise kit was solid, came with everything required and worked well once installed. Two things that need improvement with regard to the directions; 1- The directions list two wires for the clutch switch and the two wires in the vehicle harness that they should be connected to. Problem being; there is no way to tell which wire on the switch is which - as it is not labeled. IF it does not matter which wire goes to which IT SHOULD SAY THAT. 2- The wire coloring for the vehicle should include gauge of wire. In my case, solid blue was one of the wires listed. I found solid blue, larger gauge, but it turned out to be a power wire and blew the fuse for my brake lights (which I didn't discover right away) I later found a smaller gauge solid blue wire in a different location, which worked after I replaced the blown fuse. That being said, the product is great, works well and I highly recommend it to anyone. I will be back when the time comes to get cruise control for my 1964 Oldsmobile.