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250-1836 Toyota Tacoma Complete Cruise Control Kit 2005-2021

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This is a complete kit for the 2005-2021 Toyota Tacoma. It is comaptible with the automatic and manual versions. The 2005-2017 manual version will require a clutch switch (250-4206 - *The 2018 does not require this part ). This kit comes with step-by-step instructions with pictures. We have included a short video below that explains how to check if your Tacoma is pre-wired, and if not, how to insert some of the wiring. We also offer an original equipment Toyota "switch knockout" so you don't have to do any cutting that the instructions below indicate. The OEM Toyota Knockout and the 250-4206 clutch switch can also be purchased separately in the "cruise parts" section.




6 Reviews

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    Tacoma cruise kit

    Posted by Carl on 11th May 2024

    The system was easy to use install and works well. However, I feel the seller has pulled on me. If they explained that a Tacoma preset for cruise control only needs this switch and the clutch cancel switch, I could have bought everything I needed for less than $100 instead of the $300+ that I spent. The seller should explain this in their sales site. ***We apologize for that lack of clarification regarding prewired vehicles, unfortunately we have not been able to figure how to tell which vehicles are ready and which are not so the manufacturer has only made the kit this one way. We are glad that the kit is working well for you though.***

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    Made my ‘06 Tacoma a whole lot better

    Posted by Kirk Riley on 1st Nov 2023

    It works great, had a local shop do the install and now I can go down the freeway without total monitoring

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    2012 Tacoma

    Posted by Rick on 18th Aug 2023

    Installed this cruise control kit on my 2012 Tacoma which was not prewired. Installation was a breeze and works like a charm! Highly recommend.

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    2014 Tacoma base model w/auto trans. Install 5/14/21

    Posted by Unknown on 28th May 2021

    Product is top quality, stem is solid and looks like factory. Instructions: 1. You get multiple instructions for given models and years but my 2014 was not listed some how they skipped 2014. So I used the the 2013 instructions. 2. The installation seem to go well until the test drive, it did not work. I did not get 12 volts from my ECM. Called them for help and talked to Mike. He was very patient and listened to what my problem was. As he was walking me thru the solution. I realized that in Figure 26 of the instructions for wiring of the ECM plug pin location, that ( Face View of plug E22 as shown in the diagram (Fig 26) meant the wire side of the plug and not the actual face of the plug. I counted my pin numbers by looking at the (Face View per instructions) when I should have counted from the wired end (Backed Side) of the plug. So with the relocation of the wire it was good to go. 3. M&R GAVE ME GREAT SUPPORT. THANKS MIKE

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    Installation in 2009 Tacoma w/ Manual Transmission

    Posted by RPM on 20th Apr 2015

    The product is of high quality and the cruise worked flawlessly on a recent road trip. My 2009 Tacoma had wiring more like the 2008, so the instructions for the 2009 were confusing and misleading. Once I started using the 2008 instructions, it all made sense. My truck even had wiring in place for the clutch switch (see 2008 instructions) so I didn't have to cut into any of the OEM wiring or add any wires except a short harness to the clutch switch connector. Installing the clutch switch was the most difficult part since it's so far up under the dashboard. Instructions for disassembly of the dashboard shrouds and airbag were well written and fairly easy to understand. The wiring instructions, not so good. I was about ready to give up and call tech support when I discovered the 2008 instructions more closely applied to my 2009 model. An automatic transmission, if the truck was pre-wired, would be much easier job than the manual transmission vehicle.

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    Technical assistance saved me !!

    Posted by Luke on 2nd Nov 2013

    Attempted to Install this item myself because all of the Toyota forums said anyone could do it. Well, I did, but not without the help of Mike in technical support. After 3 phone calls ( and a lot of patience on Mike's part ) he got me cruising. I could net be happier with the kit or the guys at M&R. Two thumbs WAY UP!!