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250-1836 Toyota Corolla / Matrix Complete Cruise Control Kit 2009-2017

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250-1836 Corolla / Matrix
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This is a complete kit for the 2009-2017 Toyota Corolla and Toyota Matrix. Works with automatic and manual transmission with no other parts required. Very simple installation with very little disassembly required. The instrument cluster will show a "cruise on" indicator when the cruise switch is on, and an "engage" indicator when you are actually cruising. This kit comes with step-by-step instructions with pictures.


Installation Instructions Toyota Corolla / Matrix




10 Reviews

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    Cruise control

    Posted by ROMO Kabatay on 3rd May 2023

    Easiest installation I ever did.

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    14 Corolla

    Posted by Unknown on 15th Feb 2023

    I installed this on a 2014 Corolla L, manual transmission. The item was perfect. The instruction manual wasn't helpful but the video instruction was exactly the same EXCEPT for how to remove the airbag from the steering wheel. Found a YouTube video to follow for that part. Didn't need to do any plug or wiring for the clutch. Having a Dremel and vise grip made making the hole for the switch much easier. Took about 2.5 hrs but I'm not the fastest at these things.

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    2012 Corolla

    Posted by Unknown on 26th Jan 2023

    Quick and easy install on 2012 Corolla. It works just like factory or dealer installed units. The template for the hole was too small. Had to size and locate the hole myself.

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    Works Perfectly, No Fuss

    Posted by Unknown on 18th Jan 2023

    Easy install!

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    Straight forward plug and play installation

    Posted by Unknown on 22nd Jun 2017

    Although sent with the full cable system if needed, it appears Corollas of all trim lines are prewired for cruise control. I double checked, and even though my VIN number indicated it MAY not be prewired, I called support after receiving the order and they indicated it almost certainly prewired but that the additional cables were included just in case. In about 20 min I had it installed and it worked great. Disconnect the negative terminal on the battery to prevent airbag accident, loosen the two torex screws on the steering column, allow the horn/airbag to fall forward into your hand, gently remove the connectors with a precision screwdriver, pass the cruise control module through the column on the right side, affix with the included two screens, reattach the wire harness from the airbag in the back of the cruise controller harness, and plug into the receiver in the steering column. Place the airbag/horn back on the steering column and retighten the two torex screws on the steering column. It works, it works , it works.

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    Works great on manual 2016 Corolla L

    Posted by Unknown on 20th Mar 2017

    Works well, easy install once we figured out step one, opening the steering wheel cover. The airbag/steering wheel cover is held in by push posts, not star screws like the directions show. You press the posts, and they release the airbag cover. Also the template / hole size for the stem was wrong for my 2016 corolla. Our first cut was a little low, so we had to resize it a little and then sand it smooth. Functionally, the cruise control lever does not 'click' when you adjust up, down, and set, but it registers the movements.

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    2015 Toyota Corolla manual transmission Install went smoothly

    Posted by William Mische on 23rd Dec 2016

    I am not a car say guy but the youtube video made it look easy so I went for it. I bought a six pack thinking I would need something to sooth myself as I worked to install this thing. I had it installed and veroffed after only half a beer! Getting the steering wheel apart was the only tricky part. Just be patient. Get a flashlight. Also turning the wheel so you can look into the holes to see what you are trying to unclip really helps.

  • 5
    just like factory

    Posted by Leny Pearson on 24th Sep 2016

    Quick and easy to install and works perfectly on my Corolla. Using the video instructions made installation super easy and the install ended up looking like factory. Great kit

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    Excellent product!

    Posted by The Metric Wrench Inc on 26th Nov 2014

    Excellent product, easy to install, works as good as factory!