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250-1882 Universal Cruise for Drive by Wire ETC Hotrod classic Cars

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The 250-1882 is a universal electronic drive by wire cruise control that will work for any vehicle with an electronic throttle and exposed drive shaft. It's a perfect addition to your hot rod build or other custom application. We offer 3 cruise control switch options as well as electronic pedal interface options, depending on your set up. If you are not sure which pedal interface option you need, please call. Comes with installation instructions (located below) and lifetime technical assistance. Please call with any questions before purchasing this kit.


This drive by wire cruise control kit requires the installer to epoxy two magnets to the vehicle’s drive shaft to produce a speed signal output for the cruise control. This is the most efficient and most accurate way to get speed signal from any vehicle. It is a better signal than an onboard speed signal or extracting VSS from data. The Cruise Control Store recommends this kit for all hot rod applications that have an electronic throttle and exposed driver shaft. **** This kit will NOT work with 2003-2006 5.3 or 6.0 set ups. If your vehicle has a TAC module, this kit will not work. ****


250-1882 Installation Instructions