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250-9650 2019-2022 Mercedes Sprinter Van Complete Rostra Cruise Control Kit

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The 250-9650 Rostra cruise control kit is applicable to the 2019-2022 Mercedes Sprinter Van, all sizes and trim levels. Easy installation with very little disassembly. Plug and play connectors with only 3 wires connecting to the vehicle. 3 year warranty on parts only. Please call with any questions on this cruise control kit.



**** Limit MAX Speed for additional charge ****


With this option, you have the choice of limiting the max speed of the vehicle from 60mph to 80mph in 5mph increments. The speed will be limited whether you are using the cruise control or not. This is a great add on feature for fleet vehicles or inexperienced drivers.



Sprinter Van Installation Instructions

1 Review

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    Product works fine, installation instructions are poor

    Posted by Unknown on 21st Nov 2020

    I purchased this for my 2019 Mercedes/Freightliner Sprinter. Now that I have it installed it seems to work fine, although I wish it had a second LED to tell you when it is set. I give this product a poor rating because the installation instructions are inadequate and, at least in my case, had errors. For example, they instruct you to power the controller by running its red wire to a pink/black wire going to a fuse on the outside of the base under the driver's seat. There was no wire with that color. And if there had been it wouldn't have been useful because all of the wires going to fuses in that location had voltage on them even with the engine and accessories off - that's a problem if you forget to turn off the cruise control when you turn off the engine. I ended up connecting to the cigarette lighter port, which BTW was much easier to get to. And it is only energized when accessories or the engine are on. Also, my controller had an extra wire coming out of it that was not mentioned in the instructions. I called Rostra about it - they told me it was not used and to just cut it off. Huh? Then there's the matter of mounting the stalk. It attaches to the thin-walled, flimsy plastic shroud around the steering column just below the steering wheel. Without adding any kind of reinforcement to that area you can pretty much guarantee the stalk will break off. Apparently it is left to the installer's imagination to deal with this problem. Would I buy this product again? Yes, but only because there's no good alternative on the market. ***** We are very sorry for the issues. It seems you got the 1st generation Instructions. Everything you mentioned has been resolved with the 2nd generation edits. The cruise switch mounting has always gone on the plastic shroud that surrounds the steering column. It has proven to be a very reliable mounting location over the last 25 years or so. *****